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Indoor activity

Nine balls and ten balls
Eight ball one pocket
Please enjoy with your friends and family.


Capacity 2 to 40 people
Business hours: 15:00 to 24:00

Grandpa and grandma
Traditional Japanese play
Kendama / Koma / Carta
A great opportunity to enjoy traditional Japanese play with your grandchildren

Billiard venue

Billiards are a sport that can be enjoyed around the world. Why don't you enjoy the gentlemen's sports at the inn, which are performed according to various rules such as nine balls and eight balls? There is no doubt that you can taste a different atmosphere.

Darts Square

The population of darts is said to be 20 million and has evolved into an Olympic game. Many authentic British pubs enjoy darts while drinking. Please enjoy darts to your heart's content.

Karaoke room

There is a large karaoke room for 2 to 40 people.

Carta Square

Carta is a traditional Japanese play. Carta in tatami mats is exhilarating! It is also recommended that you enjoy a camp for a Carta tournament or a large number of people.

Kendama Square

Kendama is popular not only in Japan but also overseas. Now it is known as “KENDAMA”.

Live kitchen

The hotel does not serve food. We have prepared a live kitchen in the hope that our guests will have fun and enjoy the villa. The dishes made by everyone are exceptional in both memories and taste

Ise Shrine

Ise Jingu, known as “Ose”, is officially called “Jingu”. In the shrine, we looked at the ancestral god of the Imperial Family and enshrined the Amaterasu god, which is revered as the great ancestor of our people, There are 125 palaces, including the outer shrine (Toyotake Daijingu), where you can talk about.

1 Ujikancho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 516-0023


Shima Spain Village

Shima Spain village Parque Espana with the theme of the country of passion Spain. All generations, from small children to adults, with entertainment such as 28 attractions, parades, flamenco shows, character shows, etc. with 28 various attractions, Spanish entertainers and characters in a garden that recreates the exotic Spanish cityscape You can enjoy it.

1 Ujikancho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 516-0023


Toba Aquarium

A scenic 32-hole seaside grand golf course facing Ise Bay. Please enjoy as much as you can on the course that boasts of scale and facilities enhancement.

1 Ujikancho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 516-0023