How to use How to spend Keisen

Features of Keisen
Keijiro at Jindai Onsen has been reborn as a state-of-the-art inn using the same Japanese atmosphere。
Keisen recommended way to spend
Reasons for choosing Keisen Recommended way to spend Arriving at Toba Station at 12:00, watching a sea lion show at the 13:00 aquarium, checking in at a 17:00 inn, healing fatigue at 18:00 at the Jindai hot spring, an elegant time in a starry sky full of sparkling 20 o'clock shooting stars This is a recommended way to spend only Keisen, which has plenty of sightseeing and activities in the area.
Activities in the hall
We have prepared a variety of activities in the hall so that you can play with us even among 10 types of ryokan. Please enjoy to your heart's content.
How to spend a ryokan
The concept of the hotel is based on a villa where you can enjoy the resort. In order to provide a relaxing space for everyone, we provide a way to spend time at the ryokan in multiple languages.

Rooms Guest Room


Special Japanese-Style Room with Private Open-Air Bath

¥18,000/1 night~

Standard Japanese-Style Room

¥8,000/1 night~

ACTIVITY Fun around the inn

Indoor activity

Nine balls and ten balls
Eight ball one pocket
Please enjoy with your friends and family.

Classic songs from the latest topic songs
Free during the stay
Capacity 2 to 10 people
Business hours: 0:00 to 0:00

Grandpa and grandma
Traditional Japanese play
Kendama / Koma / Carta
A great opportunity to enjoy traditional Japanese play with your grandchildren

Tourist information tourist spot

The appeal of Keisen is not limited to Jindai Onsen.
There are many sightseeing spots in the surroundings that can be enjoyed by children, friends and family, such as Ise Jingu and Shima Spain Village.

Ise Shrine
Shima Spain Village
Toba Aquarium

Access traffic guide

Good location, 25 minutes by car from JR Kintetsu Toba Station.
There is also a route from Ise Futami Toba Line to No. 2 Toba Road.
Please contact us for more information.